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Event: Render Atlanta (June 1-4)

Event: Render Atlanta (June 1-4)

I’m excited to announce that I’ll speaking at Render ATL, speaking about Culture & Code & Future Proofing your tech career.

The future of software engineering will require more than proficiency in the latest programming language, tool, or framework. In 2015, I had a conversation with Scott Hanselman on his show Hanselminutes, titled “Less Coding, More Thinking,” one of the most downloaded shows of that season. This fireside chat, moderated by Scott Hanselman, continues our discussion. 

Humanity is increasingly more dependent on technology solutions, intelligent systems, and timely communications regarding things that matter. On average, executives check emails 74 times, receive 46 smartphone notifications, and touch their smartphones around 2,617 times per day. Meanwhile, software developers strive to release more software while keeping up with the competitive landscape, pace of development, latest trends, an explosion of choices for development tools & environments, the velocity of new “best” practices and new frameworks, etc. As an industry, the decision to write a single line of code has a cascading impact on the wellness of the people that use and develop software.

Integrating systems thinking and engineering leading practices creates an opportunity for developers to navigate complexity better and to build resilient, context-aware systems that generate positive cascading (human) impact. This discussion will highlight a few practical opportunities for applying systems thinking in engineering workflows. For more information, visit http://renderatl.com.