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AI4AFRIKA / University of Florida (CAME)

Talk: AI4A + the Center for Arts Migration and Entrepreneurship - University of Florida

AI4Afrika (AI4A) is a change-oriented consortium of scholars, scientists, artists, data architects, medical doctors, educationalists, entrepreneurs, attorneys and philosophers from diverse Africana worlds. The AI4A consortium's shared goal is to make AI more inclusive and aware of the perspectives of global Africana communities. In November 2020, AI4Afrika joined the University of Florida and its Center of Arts Migration and Entrepreneurship to learn about AI4A’s guiding vision, philosophical perspective, and its current engagements and to speculate about future collaborations. This gathering rethinks and re-centers a Human-centered approach to artificial intelligence. This event was hosted and sponsored by The College of Arts - University of Florida, Center for African Studies - University of Florida, and the Center for Arts Migration and Entrepreneurship - University of Florida.