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PODCAST: Femventures (SAP)

Talk: Inclusivity through AI

Femventures is a podcast by SAP.iO that brings you stories of women who are currently shaping the future of the tech industry. You hear from women at SAP who are the heads of innovation departments, founded their own business or are running start-up accelerators inside the company. Hosts Lisa and Leonie put a spotlight on their experiences in a male-dominated field, and invite you to listen to them as they talk about overcoming challenges, taking risks and embracing failure. This show is an opportunity for people looking for actionable advice and inspiring female role models working in tech. Episode 4 features Kishau Rogers, a venture-backed start-up founder with a deep background in building enterprise technology solutions. We discussed diversity and how AI can empower underrepresented communities through inclusive algorithms in the future. Tune in!


Kishau Rogers (Time Study) with hosts Lisa Labath and Leonie Fremgen (SAP)

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