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(PANEL) HUMAN 2121: Reimagining the future of humans

This is an interdisciplinary brainstorm of the future of humans in 2121. Existing in a world with artificially intelligent beings, what is the role of humans one hundred years from now?

  • Abran Maldonado, Entrepreneur, scholar and music industry veteran. CEO & Founder of the tech startup NuSkool 
  • Kishau Rogers, Technology Entrepreneur using computer science, systems thinking, and common sense to create intelligent human-centered solutions. Founder & CEO of Time Study. 
  • Anatola Araba, Storyteller, content creator, and futurist. Creator of Afro Algorithms, a 3D animated short film about AI and bias, and journalist at Hearst Magazines. 
  • Tawanda Chabikwa, Interdisciplinary artist-scholar who’s work revolve around Black and Africana dance practices, practice-based research, and creative collaboration. 

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