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Positivity & Pivots (Ep 7)

Talk: Stories from Healthcare - Creativity Emerging from Chaos

Among the stress, chaos and uncertainty of these unprecedented times, we've seen incredible creativity. What things has your team done to withstand the current climate that you might never have done before? "Positivity & Pivots" publishes these stories. Episode 7 features Stories from Healthcare and highlights incredible instances where creativity is emerging from chaos and brands are helping the world adapt while navigating the COVID pandemic.


Bonin Bough (Host), Uzair Rashid (Blue Cross Blue Shield), Cynthia Chen (Reckitt Benckiser), Anis Dizdarevic (Harvard Medical School), Kishau Rogers (Time Study), Kressa Peterson (Shower Toga), Mayur Saxena (Droice Labs)

Full Video:

“Positivity & Pivots: Stories from Healthcare” (Ep 7)