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PeerLoc: Location as a Service (LaaS)

PeerLoc is an infrastructure free, accurate and secure localization-as-a-service (LaaS) platform, which will bridge the gap between cost, accuracy and data security for large indoor infrastructures and within other GPS-denied environments. Additionally, the platform offers a data analysis platform which will allow enterprises to leverage geospatial data for enhance experiences and business intelligence. Successful deployment of a localization solutions in GPS-denied environments require a tradeoff between improved accuracy at higher infrastructure costs. The most common method for obtaining location information is the use of GPS technology or sensors. Inadequate signal strength in GPS-denied environments has fueled the need for better indoor localization and navigation technologies. The dependence of GPS technology presents specific challenges in areas where GPS is denied or in developing countries and other high-end technology restricted areas.We performed over one-hundred customer discovery interviews, globally. Customer discovery interviews revealed an opportunity to provide indoor geolocation services to key stakeholders of large commercial spaces and to provide a geolocation platform for third-party application developers to integrate into their existing solutions. Customer interviews revealed three critical value propositions: Reducing infrastructure costs, providing accurate indoor localization, and accessing geoinformation for public safety, improved customer intimacy and customized experiences.


Wei Cheng, PhD (CTO), Kishau Rogers (CEO)


IP currently held by Virginia Commonwealth University